About Us

MaiSha Kids came about when two friends were having ‘brekky’ on a cold Melbourne winter’s morning one day and decided to embark on this amazing joint venture. The frost freeze must have done wonders to our brains because this amazing idea came and we just haven’t looked back since.

Our stylish, comfortable and contemporary products were designed with love, passion and thought about the end user.

Our slogan “Heritage.Destination” symbolises our great love and appreciation for the diverse cultures we have in Australia. We have both made Australia our home and thus felt it was only right to show our love and appreciation by creating this amazing brand.

Sha(thie): I am a first time mom to a beautiful baby boy, Zade who is full of life and love for everything and everyone around him. He inspires me every day to be a better version of myself and pursue my dreams. Everything I do is to make his future a little brighter. My wish for a MaiSha Kids product buyer is that it will spark a light in you to aspire to be great, instil greatness and ultimately inspire others to be great.
Mai(tumelo):  Let me admit, I am not a mother yet but I am a little obsessed with kids fashion. I have always wanted to open an online store but never found the right idea and time. Like they always say, everything has its own timing and I can assure you MaiSha Kids isn’t a mistake. With our attention to detail, we promise your kids the greatest comfort coupled with class. Let the shopping begin!!!

Be on the lookout for more and follow us on Instagram & Facebook or flick an email to maishakids@gmail.com.  

With Love,
Mai + Sha